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Confetti Confessions is LIVE!!

I'm bacccckkk! Writing has always been a way to clear my mind & while I gave blogging a bit of a rest, I feel it's found it's way back to me. This time, we're doing things

a little differently. Topics will range from the umbrellas being introduced under The Event

Parlor empire, all of our products, and other fun content. Interviews from amazing people in the industry, interview links featuring myself, content from our soon to come Youtube

channel and so much more! #ConfettiConfessions is an all around different, candid conversation style of blogging. This is a short message to prepare you, my amazing lovies, for all the excitement to come. I hope you join me on this fun journey, and in the meantime, check

out my dope interview with the ladies of the #RedBottomBrunchPodcast on Apple

Podcasts, Spotify, and all other podcast streaming platforms!

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